Friday, May 8, 2009

where poems come from

I thought it was interesting when the famous modern poets were interviewed on how they begin poems and where the ideas come from. Many of them believe that words are used for their rhythm, not their meaning. A poet's responsibility is to tell the truth. One person believed that they become sort of possessed and that poetry takes a hold of them. They believe they were chosen to have a voice through poetry. I really liked when they brought the unconscious into their writing. They have vivid dreams that come as a sign and inspiriation to write.Cruz was telling us how a poet always goes back towards his views of the world and where he grew up, no matter what the poem entailed. The rhythms and sounds reflecct the human senses and thats why these poets are so good. Poets begin from a purpose. I thought it was neat when they realize their own habits in syntax and other parts, and try really hard to break them and change them. One poet describes his origin of peoms as laments- "remember something only if you have lost it." And he brings back these vivid images through his poetry. I was just blown away by the amount of good work these people can produce. When they feel strongly and put it on paper it's just different from the level I feel i work with. I thought this video really inspired me to write and come up with a lot of original, thought out work. The passion they bring with their work is intense and I felt that watching it rubs a little of their passion into us. Hopefully i will be able to concentrate harder on the poems i compose and take more time and focus on RYTHM.


  1. ralph, i'm really happy that you got inspired by these poets and i feel the same way. so much in our culture says poetry is a joke or is just academic, or is for nerds or only eccentric people. i don't believe that. i think it's really democratic in nature and we can all write well at a certain level if we let it come to us and participate in it. but that takes effort and risk, and the truth is most people don't get that when it comes right down to it. so rock on, keep writing and good things will happen.

  2. I also really liked the section about dreams. They found their vivid and strange dreams to be inspiration and a sign they should write something about it. The poem that came from the poets dream didn't make a lot of sense but it was still beautiful and really painted the picture of a dream.