Monday, June 8, 2009

Ralph's poetry reading

Memorial for a Christmas Tree Farm

Some people will get you as early as November. Cut you at the stem and drag your dying body though a field. They put you in a machine that shakes you so violently your loose bristles fall off. They wrap you in string so tight you can barely breathe. A man carries you out to his red Silverado and his kids are so excited to see you.

When you finally pull into the driveway they cut at you again and unstrap you. You are propped up in this big metal can that has water inside. The kids throw wires on you and it tickles. They hang glass bulbs of every color onto you like jewelry.

You feel beautiful and don’t mind that your dying. One morning you find dozens of wrapped gifts under you and watch as the children’s eyes explode with innocent excitement. And you realize that your sacrifice was worth it.

--Ralph Farina

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