Saturday, May 9, 2009

I found the film very interesting. It was funny and entertaining yet also had some meat to it. It looked at poems in a way I hadn't thought of them before. To hear about what begins and guides a poem from professional, quirky poets was helpful because they have devoted their lives to poetry. One poet said that poems aren't made exclusively by will, they harness forces of the conscious and unconscious mind. I like the thought of poems coming without the poet really intending them too.
Another poet said that poetry is a "hopeless pursuit of reality." This idea is intriguing to me, as though the poet works to get closer and closer to truth and reality but is never quite there. This makes poems difficult but necessary when you consider the opinion of several of the writers featured; a poets responsibility is to tell the truth.
One of the poems that stood out to be was the poem about the writers cat stopping the line. I thought it was endearing and funny yet also lending thought to enjambment. Another poem that sticks out in my mind is the spanish poem. At the beginning of the poem I read along with the captions and found the poem beautiful. Then I looked away and continued to listen and though I only understood a few select words, it still sounded beautiful. This drove home the idea of a poem being rhythmic.
I found all the poets a bit crazy, which made me appreciate their poetry and advice more.

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  1. I really liked that Cat Stopping the Line poem too.