Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thoughts on Poetry

I really enjoyed that video that we watched on Thurdsay because it allowed me to gain insight from the All-Stars of poetry. The film showed me the personal process that these writer's use when they are creating their poems. I ecspecially enjoyed the interview with Allen Ginsberg (my favorite poet) because he discussed how he thinks in rhytm and forms words around the vowel sounds. That is such a unique way to write, just focusing on the overall sounds of his poems. His poem Howl is a great example of that, and I realized this from first hand experience when I had to read his poem out loud for one of my classes. I also enjoyed the concept that a poet discussed about a poem being a product of your concious and unconcious mind. They said how a poet has to free his or her self from their rationality. Also someone said how poetry is an urge and a function--i like that.
Another aspect of the film I enjoyed was when the poets performed their poems. I think that gives a whole new life to a poem when the actual writer performs it because it is able to come alive. I particularly liked Alice Walker's performance.

P.S. Sorry, I did not realize there was a deadline on the post and I did not look at it untill this evening.

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