Friday, May 8, 2009

Where Poems Come From response

I enjoyed the film mainly because it introduced so many different perspectives on the possible ways that poems can be created. Some were very unique, others a bit strange, but were sweet to hear because they struck light bulbs in my head!
One thought that I found to be really interesting was the idea of harnessing every force of your conscience aware mind, but to patient with your unconscience mind because of the capable thoughts and ideas it can produce. I thought that was pretty cool because I often don't take the time to sit and think about what I'm essentially not thinking about/aware of. Kind of a complex idea, but I thought it was pretty sweet. There is so much that I'm not aware of, but am capable of discovering. To put those thoughts on paper into a poem will always be unique. They might be hard to take apart and try to tell what the poem is about because there'd be so many ideas flowing into that poem!
I also agree with the idea of words coming from sense details. I particulary enjoy the smell sense the best because I believe every smell reminds you of something. That's why I love candles and couldn't write a poem without one near. They get your mind running on different themes, memories and ideas with just one little flame :o)


  1. That’s really neat. I talked about the force of your conscience mind, and how sometimes you have to be patient with it because it would be almost impossible to organize all those thoughts in an instant. Also find it really cool that you write your poems near a candle, I never thought of that before but you're right, scents bring a memory to mind every time. Whether it be the smell of mothballs in my grandparents garage, or something more sweet like lilacs, my mom’s favorite flower. It’s something you don’t think about too often but as soon as the sent hits your nose it instantly pops into your mind. Very True.

  2. katie, i'm glad the film inspired you and i think our spirit or the unconscious mind, we really can't control it and should not try to, but we need to be aware that a lot is going on inside us that can come out if we give it expression. that to me is a thing people need, and often don't get.

    love the idea of candles too and think i'm going to have to try that my next poem!