Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where Poems Come From

I found the film very interesting and insightful. Also, it was really cool how none of the poets really said the same thing. They each had their own personal opinion about the way a poem is created and each thing said was entirely different. Some things that really stood out to me include a quote by Louis Gluck that said, "I don't believe poems are made exclusively by will." I really think that this rings true because whenever I write, I feel like I need to put it down on paper, it is not something I can entirely force myself to do, or hold back things that I don't really think should be revealed. It just spills out onto the paper with control. Another thing that I found very interesting was a quote by Levine that said, "None of us know what it's all about. We just do it." I think this is very true as well. Poetry is a mystery, even to poets themselves. It's impossible to say why we write poems, we just do it.

p.s. Mike, I'm sorry this is late... to be honest, I completely forgot the deadline.

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  1. I agree Jess, I thought it was cool how all these different poets write great poetry, but they all have their own, different processes. Also that quote by Levine is great bc I liked the idea that poetry is an urge. It is like it is a innate trait.