Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Triggering Town & Writing Process

The most important thing to me from Triggering Town was Hugo's emphasis on creativity. He tells us to not be afraid to jump ahead. Do not be afraid to stray from the norms. I like that he says you won't be a poet until you realize everything he says is wrong. It may be right for him, but it is wrong for you. I think this reiterates the idea of creativity. Poetry is an art form; something for you to make your own. One of my favorite lines he uses is, "In the world of imagination, all things belong."

When I write a poem, I think about the subject. I picture the first thing that comes to my head after I read the subject line. I figure there must be a reason WHY this was the first word that popped into my head. So I usually go from this idea. I try not to think to hard about meaning the first time through. I write whatever comes to my head. Then after I am done, I go back through and edit and change what I have written.


  1. I think you're very right in hwo you interpreted the way that Hugo wants us to discover that we are poets. Interpreting others work and realizing it is done their own personal way is a very important concept to understand.

    I also like how you write about what comes to mind because there is obviously a reason why it came to your mind. Everyone will have different things that come to their mind when thinking about one subject, but the reasons why they came to mind are that much more important/interesting!!

  2. we have the same style to writing poems, and i really liked what you had to say about the Hugo book.