Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1. The Hugo book taught you many different ways and ideas on how you can go about writing poetry. I also think that how everyone has there own style to poetry is important because we all write in our own style and have our on kind of creativity.

2.When I write a poem first i think about what i am going to write the topic of my poem. I try and get a couple of ideas because for me my first idea never ends up working out. After I have my idea i just start writing down everything that comes to mind and putting it into lines, and trying to make it all fit together. Then i go back through and break everything up and make it fit together and i always end up changing things around and adding things so that it fits together and makes sense.

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  1. I agree that Hugo emphasizes creativity. I also follow a similar structure when I write poems. I always change mine a bunch of times too!