Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Triggering Town

I think what i will take most from this book is the way to create poems. There is a different method, a different way of composing every time. We as composers of poetry often must rewite our poems and constantly over look them. I liked the fact that he says that all new poets must not be praised, because often a feeling of wanting satisfaction drives us more.

The process I usually use for writing poetry is a rather simple one. Sometimes I sit down in front of my computer and just begin to write. Other times I will find myself either trying to sit outside my back porch, or if it is a nice day, walk down to the park. I often write my poems in notebooks but sometimes if an idea hits me i will find any peice of paper or something to write that idea down onto.


  1. I completely agree with your thoughts about Hugo. It seems really important that people check and revise poems to make sure they get the best possible version they can.

  2. I also scrounge around for paper and a utensil when something pops into my head. Even if its a single word

  3. I think sometimes the best ways to write are to just sit down and just start typing.