Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Matt Fowle

1.) I learned a lot about artistry from Hugo's book. An artist should constantly be struggling, and should not need acclaim or praise to continue his work. Art should not be viewed as a competition, and an artist who views his work as such is destined to fail himself. I also learned a lot through his poems and his in depth analysis of them.

2.) When writing a poem, I usually find a topic or idea which I have contemplated and investigated and put it to music. I try to structure my ideas in a way which can effectively translate my opinion. I spend time by myself gathering my thoughts on the idea, and try to express them visually in my head in scenarios, and then fit those scenarios into words and lines. By the end of the poem, I usually feel I have not done my thought justice, or have not fully answered the question I have posed.


  1. I like that you said you put it your thoughts to music, I bet that helps your poems have a good flow. I feel the same way about my finished poems. I had something thoughtful and beautiful in my head but it never comes out quite right.

  2. I always feel like something is missing in my poems. Like i havent completly said what i wanted to say. My mind tends to work at 1000 miles a minute so i feel like i must scramble to write down ideas in order to keep them. Often i try to work out the scenarios in my head.