Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Poem by Brittany Long

The Ship that Sails Along the Florida Coast

Waves crash against the sandy shore. Tide is high.
A lonely seagull wanders along the water's edge,
searching for a long lost friend.

I look out into the surf, the vast
mast in the distance resembles
the pearly clouds of Heaven.

A ship is sighted just beyond the horizon,
that sails in the cool, midnight ocean breeze.

The bow is decorated, a gallant facade.
A true treasure of the tempting seas.

A ship in the sea, is a man's true, passionate love.

He remembers the time they have shared together,
gentle and beautiful, with the grace of a dove.

He is the captain, the ocean his mistress,
they dance together nightly, morning within the distance.

Soon the ships draws near,
the man returns to his somber pier.

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