Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daniel Wolfe Blog 4/15

1) I will take a lot from the Hugo book. It offers many ideas that someone could use when writing poetry and I think more than anything, I'll keep the book and go back to it from time to time for ideas. Hugo just offers so much information and so much technique that I feel like it would be impossible to incorporate all of it every time I write a poem. However, I deffinitely want to make sure that I incorporate some of it in every poem that I write.

2) My process for writing poems is pretty simple. I go to one of the computer labs here at the Delaware Center and make my self comfortable at a desk. Then I read through the prompt for the poem(s) at least three times. Once I feel comfortable with the prompt and know what I need to write, I just start typing things into the keyboard. I just type words or phrases or things I see around me and eventually an idea will pop into my head. Then once I have an idea, I just try to work out a poem from that. And if all goes well, I end up with a pretty good poem.


  1. I definately agree with you that Hugo has so much information to offer that you can't put it all in your work. I also like that all the ideas kind of come back to you when you get stuck and need to switch the sentences around, for example.

  2. Theres definitely a lot of techniques he puts forward as legitimate, but your right, way too many to apply to a single poem