Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blog Response 4/15/09

After reading Hugo's The Triggering Town, the concept I will take away the most from the novel is that poetry is an extension of you. That poetry should contain true emotion. Emotion that is real and ignites the imagination. Hugo's writing I believe focused heavily on these concepts. The concept that one's most negative characteristic can be turned into a positive feature or idea in a poem. To never be bound by language. Do not let a title dictate your poem. And that a "poet" should never think that he or she has reached perfection. Always strive for something more and never be self fulfilled. Keep on keeping on.

The process for which I write a poem isn't really all that complex. Step one usually involves purchasing a bottle wine at the local grocery store. Carlo Rossi for 10 bucks is a steal if you ask me. Two glasses of wine later, I tend to stare blankly at my laptop monitor and then just let the words flow. I never think of a title first and pretty much just let my emotions dictate the tone of the poem. I prefer to work in absolute silence as Hugo says one should. I just think I am more in tune with the world around me. I try to at least get one or two metaphors and strive for some comic relief in my poems. They tend to be dark in humor or I guess... sarcastic, and try to imagine situations I would never find myself in. I tend to like to look at picture for a poem as I find that to be my triggering device. My poems I find always tend to be narrative in nature, and I-am-okay-with-that. I have never once tried to rhyme two words because I just feel it comes off corny and unatural (for me anyway).


  1. haha, the beginning of your process made me laugh, but it's refreshing that you were honest. I also write in silence, I think it really helps your mind be clear of everything around you except for your emotions.

  2. i liked what you said about Hugo talking about that poetry should contain emotion. i also tend to stare at my laptop monitor when trying to write poetry and i normally stare at it for awhile until i get an idea and everything starts to flow from there.